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THE ONE-WOMAN NO-SHOW is a combination scripted/improvised one-woman show, starring a different actor each each week. The intention of THE ONE-WOMAN NO-SHOW is to explore what happens when actors and actresses of different backgrounds, ages, races, and experience levels are thrown into performing a solo show that is not their own. The concept is as follows:

“The One-Woman No-Show is an agency that writes and produces a different one-woman show every week. Six performers, men and woman alike, have approached us to write the perfect one-woman shows for them; productions guaranteed to showcase their talents and make them famous. These shows will be revealed to the performers at the perfect dramatic moment…their debut performance.

Actors will cold-read selections from a show written especially for them, featuring monologues, audience pieces, pantomime, and improvisation. At the end of the show, the performer has the option to either perform the climactic finish we have written, or to reject it, and finish the night with their own written work. However, rejecting  the show may result in consequences that they could never have foreseen.”

Each performance of THE ONE-WOMAN NO-SHOW will feature entirely entirely new scripted material, audience challenges, charity fundraisers, and movement pieces.

THE ONE-WOMAN NO-SHOW runs Wednesday at 8PM, at The Crowd Theater in Chicago, IL. Buy your tickets at the door!